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How Will You Cheer On Your Team This Fall?

While we still have a few days to go until fall officially begins on September 22, nothing announces the arrival of fall like the first football game of the season for sports fans!

From mobile TV to the new 4K TV, viewers have a variety of options when it comes to watching their favorite teams this football season. Mobile TV (launched just last month in several cities across the country) allows you to watch the big game on the go, and because it doesn’t require an Internet connection, there’s no buffering… even if 65,000 of your closest friends are in the stadium watching TV coverage at the same time!

In addition to airing college and NFL games, local TV stations are increasing their coverage of local high school football games, many airing them in their entirety on their multicast side channels. What is that, you ask? All local TV stations began broadcasting digital signals following the 2009 Digital Television Transition (DTV). Because digital signals are more efficient, stations are able to broadcast additional channels with niche, local content (still free to viewers with a TV antenna). Want to know which stations in your area are broadcasting high school sports? Check their websites or follow them through social media to learn more.

Broadcast TV continues to provide Americans with more options for how they can watch their favorite TV programs. How will you watch your favorite teams this season?

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Mobile TV is here!

Samsung and MetroPCS unveil new smartphone with live, local TV!

An exciting development in the future of TV occurred last week when wireless carrier MetroPCS and Samsung Mobile unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy S® LightrayTM 4G*. This Android™ smartphone is the first in the U.S. to offer live, local broadcast television with Dyle™ mobile TV.

Now consumers can stay informed and entertained on the go with the same local and national sports, news and entertainment programming on your mobile phones as you receive on your TV at home. This is live TV, not streaming. And because it uses the TV airwaves, not the Internet, it does not count against your data cap. Also, unlike streaming video over the Internet, an unlimited number of viewers can watch on their smartphones at the same time without buffering.

This service is currently available in 35 markets, reaching over 55 percent of the US population. Additional markets and stations will be added in the future.

Mobile TV can be used anywhere that the TV spectrum can reach, no need for an Internet connection or WiFi access. So where will you watch mobile TV? On your commute to work? Waiting to pick the kids up from school? At the stadium during the big game? Tell us in the comments below!

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Wanted: “Game-changers” in mobile development

In the ongoing charge to bring exciting media and programming to consumers in innovative ways, one broadcasting company is partnering with a prominent area university to challenge the next generation of engineers to develop new ideas in mobile development.

That’s right; it’s time for Notre Dame University students to put on their “thinkin’ caps,” because the university’s Computer Science and Engineering program is partnering with local broadcasting business Schurz Communications in a first-of-its kind “Innovation Challenge!”

Intrigued? Us too! Undergrads, graduate students and faculty members are being encouraged to “consider real-world digital solutions and opportunities for 21st-century media companies” specifically focusing on mobile development.

Schurz vice president of Digital Media, Kerry Oslund, said, “We’re eager to dig in with brilliant Notre Dame technologists and invite them to also consider broadcast digital television, not only in delivering fully-produced content to stationary and mobile devices, but as a fast, efficient, reliable, way to deliver data to all devices and for purposes we haven’t yet imagined ourselves.”

To assist in the creation of these new solutions, “students and faculty will… receive secure access to custom feeds, real world databases, developer tools and application programing interfaces (API’s)from Schurz Communications’ wide array of media businesses.”

What a great idea, encouraging young entrepreneurs and innovation in an area that is ripe for growth. Good luck to all the participants – we can’t wait to see what you create!


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Latest Mobile TV Devices Will Bring Your Favorite Content to You Anywhere, Anytime

Wouldn’t it be nice to take your favorite morning show with you on the commute to work – not missing a minute of the breaking news or local weather?

With more than 120 stations across the country broadcasting mobile television signals, the future of TV is here – and it’s mobile. With numerous local broadcast stations transmitting mobile TV signals, and more consumer devices and adapters coming to the market, soon it will be very easy for consumers to get free mobile broadcast television on their laptops, tablets and smartphones. Best of all, the service does not require a data plan or hefty mobile data charges, because the signal is sent for free over-the-air.

Check out our new video that features mobile television providers Dyle mobile TV and the Mobile 500 Alliance demonstrating the devices and adapters built by manufacturers like Samsung and Belkin that run their mobile TV services. Watch the video below to see how you can get your local news, sports, weather, entertainment and lifesaving emergency information anywhere, anytime:

Mobile DTV from NAB Studio on Vimeo.



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Hold onto your hat – hurricane season is on the way

The bad news is that June 1 marks the start of hurricane season. The good news, however, is that you can stay safe by tuning in to your local TV and radio stations to get critical emergency information. And many of you can tune in on the go using your smartphone or tablet, even if power lines are down and cell networks are congested.

How is that possible? More stations than ever before are broadcasting mobile channels. Mobile TV is delivered from your local stations to your mobile device using over-the-air technology, not wireless networks. Not only does that mean you can still receive local emergency information even when cell towers are down, but it also means there are no additional data streaming charges.

Your phone will need to be enabled with a chip – check here to see if your device already has those capabilities built-in. If it is not, consumers in many areas can purchase a USB flash drive-sized mobile TV receiver for their laptop or tablet, like the DTV111 from Coby Electronics. Watch this short video to get a glimpse of how this technology works.

Radio-enabled mobile phones provide another way for consumers to get vital emergency information when storms are looming. Again, even when cell towers are down or congested, radio-enabled phones are able to receive local broadcasts over-the-air, keeping you informed and safe. For a list of radio-enabled phones from major wireless carriers, click here.

Broadcasters take their role as first informers very seriously and local stations around the country are innovating to keep viewers safe and meet your needs of on-demand information.

Remember, when the storms roll in your local broadcasters will help you stay safe and stay informed!

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The Mobile 500 Alliance to launch new mobile TV service this summer

The annual NAB Show always dazzles attendees with the latest broadcast innovations and gadgets, and this year was no exception.  The growing adoption of mobile television took center stage at this year’s show, with many vendors demonstrating new consumer devices that will hit stores this summer.

We caught up with John Lawson from the Mobile 500 Alliance and asked about his company’s new mobile TV offerings.  The Mobile 500 Alliance service includes 437 individual stations and reaches 94% of the U.S. population.  This summer, it will also be available via an iPhone/iPad app with the purchase of a small adapter, and will include over-the-air mobile TV broadcasts with no monthly fees or hefty mobile data charges.  It even includes DVR functionality to record and pause live TV!

Watch our interview with John Lawson and see a demo of the Mobile 500 service below:

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Mobile DTV front and center at ATSC

Last week’s ATSC Annual Meeting featured discussions of mind-blowing future broadcast innovations such as UltraHD and broadcast 3D TV, but much of the attention of the meeting was focused on the emerging innovation of mobile DTV. This means live, local TV on the go straight from your local stations with no data streaming charges!

Following the event, we caught up with a variety of featured conference speakers, including:

  • Mark Richer, President, ATSC
  • Kelly Williams, Senior Director, Technology, NAB
  • Erik Moreno, Dyle Mobile TV
  • Jay Adrick, Vice President, Harris Broadcasting

We asked each of them about the impressive adoption of mobile DTV by broadcasters and the various consumer devices that are coming to market later this year that allow viewers to get over-the-air broadcast TV signals on their mobile devices without any hefty mobile data charges.  I think you’ll be amazed at what mobile DTV has in store for viewers now and in the very near future:

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