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Television at its Best: The 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Air on Sunday!

This Sunday, September 23, millions of Americans will be watching broadcast television to see which of their favorite TV actors take home the statues at the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Before you watch the ceremony on Sunday, take a deeper look at the award show’s history.

The Emmy Awards have honored the best in television since 1949. Many of the best broadcast shows have received critical acclaim – from M*A*S*H  to Modern Family. It might surprise you to learn that even with the hundreds of TV channels available in some homes, shows on broadcast TV continue to be the most popular by far. On any given week, more than 90 of the top 100 primetime shows can be found on broadcast channels (your local channels and major networks).

While waiting to see who claims top honors, have you ever wondered where the iconic statuette of Emmy comes from? The winged woman holding an atom has remained the same since the award ceremony’s inception. Academy members went through a total of 47 proposals before selecting the statuette design from television engineer Louis McManus, which he modeled after his wife. The wings on the statuette represent the must of art while the atom represents the electron of science, successfully representing The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which oversees the Emmy’s.

It was suggested the award be named “Immy” after the term used for the early image orthicon camera. “Immy” was later changed to “Emmy” to better fit the female statuette.

The R.S. Owens company in Chicago is responsible for creating almost 400 statuettes for the primetime Emmys.  While the number of categories has changed slightly over the years, the Academy makes sure to order extra statuettes in the event of multiple winners. The extra statuettes are stored until they can be used during the following year’s ceremony. Each Primetime Emmy statuette weighs six pounds, 12 and a half ounces and is made of copper, nickel, silver and gold. It takes five and a half hours to make one statuette, and those making them wear white gloves while handling to prevent fingerprints.

Sesame Street has taken home more of these statuettes than any other show – 108 Daytime Emmys; seven Primetime Emmys; and one Lifetime Achievement Award. With 37 statuettes, Frasier has won the most Primetime Emmys in the award show’s history.

From Big Bird to Fraiser, iconic characters leave an indelible impression long after the show is over. Will you be watching the Emmy’s on Sunday? Which broadcast TV show are you rooting for?

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