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Members of Congress Voice Their Support for Broadcast TV Viewers

If not done correctly, the upcoming spectrum auction has the potential to disrupt Americans’ access to broadcast television – the local channels that are the most-watched and also available for free with an antenna. This disruption would leave countless of viewers without the ability to receive local news and important updates on severe weather, as well as their favorite broadcast shows, such as American Idol, Parks and Rec, How I Met Your Mother or Scandal.

Many members of Congress realize the risks that come with the upcoming spectrum auctions. These lawmakers feel strongly that TV viewers, especially those who rely solely on broadcast TV and do not subscribe to cable or satellite, service, should be protected. These lawmakers are standing up for their constituents and voicing their concerns to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

To date, the Congressional Tri-Caucus and the following 15 congressional delegations have sent letters to the FCC, asking for more information on how viewers will be protected during the upcoming broadcast spectrum incentive auction. You can read their letters below.

Is your member of Congress supporting your ability to receive free, local television?  Let them know if it’s important to you by joining an army of tens of thousands of viewers standing up for the future of TV.

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Mobile TV Availability Expands to New Cities

Mobile TV is one of the fastest-growing broadcast innovations that TV fans can’t get enough of!

To keep up with the growing interest in broadcast programming on-the-go, the Mobile500 Alliance, with Fisher Communications and Hubbard Broadcasting, have launched a new mobile digital television service, myDTV. They recently announced that they will be distributing 750 receivers in Seattle and Minneapolis to iPhone and iPad users so that they can try free, local TV on the go via the free MyDTV app.

The MyDTV app provides users with a unique viewing experience, with closed captioning, an electronic program guide, built-in social media tools and an option to record live programs.

Even better, since the MyDTV app relies on broadcast signals (not streaming) you don’t have to worry about using your data plan or getting hit with overages! You can enjoy your local news and favorite broadcast programs for free.

With more options to get your broadcast TV shows live and on the go, 2013 is off to a great start!

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