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Broadcasters Give Back During the Holidays

Each holiday season, local broadcasters focus their efforts on bringing their communities together by giving back to those in need. Stations dedicate air time and resources to organize fundraisers, food drives and toy drives to ensure viewers have a happy holiday.

Through this commitment from local broadcasters and the eagerness of our neighbors to give back, thousands of families are able to celebrate the holiday season with presents under the tree, warm clothing or a family dinner.

Local broadcasters – television and radio stations – are among the largest public service contributors, generating more than $10.3 billion in public service activity in a single year.

From Philadelphia TV station WPVI’s Dunkin’ Donuts Holiday Food Drive, which is striving to provide more than 175,000 meals to residents, to Lancaster, Pa., station WGAL’s “Coats for Kids” coat drive and telethon, which raised $229,000, local broadcasters are dedicated to helping the less fortunate in their communities, especially during the holidays.  

Visit your local broadcast TV stations’ website to see what you can do to make a difference this holiday season.

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Is A “Dongle” On Your Holiday Wish List This Year?

The holiday season is officially upon us! Before you pack up the kids to go over the mountain and through the woods to grandma’s house, make sure you can make the car ride even more enjoyable for everyone by having free TV on your iPhone or iPad!

The Elgato mobile TV dongle plugs into your iPhone or iPad turning it into a portable television, without the worry of data charges since it relies on signals directly from your local TV stations.

This first of its kind device in the U.S. market can connect to Apple devices and is available in all markets where TV stations are transmitting mobile TV signals.

Mobile TV allows you to stay informed and entertained on the go with the same local and national broadcast news and entertainment programming that you receive on your TV at home. This is live TV, not streaming. And because it uses the broadcast TV airwaves, not the Internet, an unlimited number of viewers can watch on their iPhones and iPads at the same time without buffering.

Dongles have been extremely popular since their debut in early November. In fact, dongles are so popular they are flying off the shelves, making it challenging for the manufacturers and retailers to keep up with demand.

Whether waiting to board a plane or driving to see loved ones over the holidays, users are able to watch their favorite broadcast TV programs live and on the go – for free – with the Elgato mobile TV receiver. With all the expenses that are rung up during the holidays, this is something all consumers can cheer about!

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