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Local TV = local jobs

Labor Day weekend has become a three-day holiday for many Americans – the unofficial end to summer, football returning to the airwaves, and the final back-to-school shopping sales.

While the original intent of the holiday isn’t as prominent as it once was, it still is important to celebrate those industries that are keeping America running and American’s working—including your local broadcasters.

Local TV contributes to every state’s economy, providing jobs and delivering Local TV = local jobs

innovative services to viewers, such as new multicast channels and mobile TV on the go—all for free.

In fact, 1.5 million American jobs depend on broadcasters, and the industry contributes $716 billion to the national economy.

Check out this map showing how local TV provides jobs in your area and how it impacts your state’s economy.

NAB State Impact Map

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Best deal around

Many people are cutting back in this economy—delaying purchases or looking for bargains. And there is no better “bargain” these days than your local TV station.

Where else can people turn for up-to-date information in time of emergencies? Where else can people receive not just local news, but free local news?

With the transition to digital signals, crystal clear HD broadcasts, and the addition of new multicast sub-channels, free TV offers more options and variety than ever before.

In fact, in these tough economic times, one industry that is booming is antenna sales! One American antenna manufacturer, Antennas Direct, saw sales increases of 225% in the first quarter of this year.

Company President Richard Schneider has been touring the country sponsoring local antenna giveaways and witnessing the huge consumer shift back to free over-the-air TV first hand.  Watch coverage of one of the local events here:

This fall Congress is going to discuss making changes to spectrum—the way people receive TV signals into their homes. Some of these decisions could have serious consequences for communities—some might even lose their local TV station altogether.

When the time comes, viewers like you will have to remind Congress that in this current economy protecting free and local TV is more important than ever.

If you want to stay on top of the current legislation, make sure to check back on this blog and also sign-up for email alerts from

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Your TV May Be Free but Its Impact is Invaluable

Broadcast television may come into your home for free, but a new study has calculated it has an immense impact on your local economy.

According to this research conducted for the National Association of Broadcasters, $1.17 TRILLION (with a T) of the annual U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) originates in the local commercial broadcast radio and television industry as well as accounts for over 2.5 million jobs.

From California (an economic impact of over $155 billion) to Michigan (nearly 71,000 jobs), Florida (impacting Floridas economy to the tune of almost $77 billion) to Oregon (more than 28,000 jobs), broadcasters have a huge impact on not just the national economy but on the local economy too. You can see how TV and radio boost jobs in your state.

And here you thought your TV station just did important stuff like bring you local news and weather.

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