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Local Broadcasters Keep Viewers Informed on Election Day

Polling places across the country are open today for state and local elections, and local television stations have kept the voters headed to the polls informed about the issues impacting their communities. These local stations, many of which sponsored or hosted debates on these important local issues leading up to Election Day, will go wall-to-wall tonight with coverage of the results as they come in.

From debates and campaign news leading up to Election Day, to tonight’s election returns coverage, television viewers can be more informed about those representing their interests in state and local government thanks to free, local broadcasters.

A recent study by Pew Research demonstrated that local TV news remains the dominant way Americans get news at home. Even with numerous choices in the digital age, more Americans trust their local TV stations to bring them the information they need, when and where they want it. That’s the future of TV.  

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Local TV News is the Top Conversation Starter!

One of the primary benefits of local TV stations is that they keep you informed and in touch with your community. Whether covering the high school football game or hosting a local health fair, broadcasters are the best at serving their communities. New research suggests local stations are also the best at spurring water cooler conversations.

A recent survey found that local TV news is a top conversation starter, beating cable channels, as well as social media. Weather, tends to dominate the conversation, with 82 percent of survey respondents saying they discuss the weather every day.

A few key takeaways from the survey:

  • Local TV news is three times more likely to start a conversation than digital media;
  • About 25 percent of conversations on news topics were sparked by local newscasts (versus 17 percent started by broadcast network news and 11 percent by cable); and
  • Local news spurred more conversation than any other programming – including network primetime.

You may not realize that even if you’re watching a national cable channel cover important breaking news, they are actually using a local broadcast station’s signal for on-the-ground footage.

Broadcasters pride themselves on being a trusted source of local news. They are also delivering their highly-valued local content to different platforms through mobile television, such as smartphones and laptops, giving viewers more opportunities to watch their local news on the go.

What do you count on your local TV stations for?

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“Communicating Superstorm Sandy” Video Highlights Broadcasters’ Role of First Informers

As you know, the Future of TV blog highlights the latest innovations in broadcast technology, broadcast issues in Washington and the many ways local broadcasters are central to their communities.

An example of broadcasters’ commitment to serving their local communities is the recently released video “Communicating Superstorm Sandy” that showcases the vital role broadcasters serve as “first informers” during emergencies. The video accurately captures the rapid response and lifeline support of local broadcasters when the devastating storm hit the East Coast last fall.

Included in the video are testimonies of local broadcasters as they worked around the clock to provide their neighbors with information to keep them safe. Dan Joerres, president/general manager of Baltimore’s WBAL-TV 11 says, “A local television station is out in the elements. Our reporters, our anchors, they’re there to tell the true story, to keep the public informed.” Susan Schiller, vice president and news director of Philadelphia’s KYW CBS 3, adds that broadcasters “have a public trust. It’s really a sacred public trust.”

Communities turn to their local broadcast stations every day for news, weather, traffic updates, original programming and more, but it is during times of crisis when viewers are reminded of just how important their local broadcasters are. Chris May, anchor, KYW CBS 3 noted, “We’re here every day. People know they can rely on us. They know we’re honest with them.”

Adds NBC Nightly News Anchor/Managing Editor Brian Williams, “Yes, local news is the first line of defense. I think it’s still the best conveyance method there is.” 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is also featured in the video and credits broadcast stations with disseminating live-saving information: “In the immediate aftermath of the storm my way to communicate to the folks in my state was through the broadcasters…”  

Watch the video and let us know what you think of local broadcasters’ efforts to keep viewers safe.

May 3, 2013 at 8:38 am 2 comments

Americans Tune Into Broadcast for Inauguration Coverage

From the political conventions to the presidential and vice presidential debates to Election Day coverage, Americans continue to choose broadcast television over cable when it comes to important moments in history. So, it only makes sense that millions of viewers turned to their local TV stations to watch President Barack Obama sworn in for a second term.

In fact, almost twice as many Americans tuned into broadcast television networks than cable news networks for coverage of the inauguration on Monday. Nielsen ratings show an average of 12.7 million people watched the historic event on broadcast television networks while 6.7 million watched on cable networks.

Whether it was the president taking the oath, Kelly Clarkson singing “America the Beautiful,” or famous faces in a sea of people, local stations brought favorite moments of the inauguration from the National Mall into living rooms across America.

When it matters most, local broadcasters bring the nation together.

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Local TV is Giving Back, in Many Different Ways

Despite the fact that most Americans spent the last few weeks sipping eggnog with family and friends, Washington policymakers have been focused on only one thing: the fiscal cliff.  

With all this talk about the economy lately, we thought it was a good time to remind viewers that your local TV stations give you a whole lot more than breaking local news, the best primetime shows and sports.

Local TV stations nationwide have an enormous impact on the economy, providing more than 186,000 jobs annually, which directly generates over $30 billion in gross domestic product. The ripple effect of TV broadcasting on the economy is even greater, with 1.5 million jobs and $716 billion in annual GDP attributed to the local television business.

That’s a lot of numbers, but what it really boils down to is that the value of local television is undeniable. Whether you rely on broadcast TV for football, drama or breaking news, or your livelihood depends on it, local stations take pride in contributing to their communities and the economy at large.

Find out what local TV gives back to your state here.

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