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Spectrum Auction Could Impact Broadway, the NFL and Your Favorite News and Entertainment

Here at The Future of TV, we’ve been sharing our concerns that the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) proposed plan to auction off broadcast spectrum doesn’t contain enough protection for the services TV viewers rely on. One issue is the failure to preserve spectrum for use by wireless microphones.

Wireless equipment helps local news stations cover breaking stories on scene. These stories – often lifesaving weather or emergency information – come to viewers quickly and seamlessly with current state-of-the-art equipment. These microphones are also used across many other industries, as discussed in this story from NPR. Before current wireless microphones were developed, older equipment:

…used the same band of frequencies as FM radio stations so interference was an issue. It would also drift off of its frequency and cause the PA system to blast the audience with noise. Today’s wireless mics are much more reliable, in part, because many of them use vacant UHF television channels with very little potential for interference. The Federal Communications Commission estimates that around 4 million wireless mics are in use nationwide at everything from kids’ birthday parties to pro sports events.

As NPR shows, issues with these little microphones could cause big problems in the news and entertainment that millions of Americans rely on and impose new costs on businesses across the country. Now, it’s up to the FCC to prevent that harm.

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March Madness

Brackets have been made. New records have been set. Dreams have been achieved.

Over the past few weeks, Americans have gathered around their televisions to cheer on their favorite college basketball teams. Nothing brings people together like sporting events!

Nielsen reports that the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament averaged 9.07 million viewers during the first two weeks of the tournament – up 11 percent from last year and the highest average in 19 years.

The regional game on Sunday averaged 12.82 million viewers, up 31 percent from last year’s tournament.

The Final Four games will be this Saturday, with Louisville taking on Wichita State and Syracuse going head to head with Michigan. Whether you plan to watch at home, in your favorite sports bar surrounded by friends or on your tablet thanks to the power of mobile TV, broadcast television will bring the winners, losers and can’t-miss-moments of the championship!

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Don’t Miss the Chance to Cheer for Your Team on Sundays!

Sunday football has been a tradition for millions of sports fans across the country for decades. This past Sunday, more than 15 million Americans tuned into broadcast TV to cheer on their favorite teams along with friends and family.

Although they may not be able to agree on a favorite team, all sports fans can agree there’s nothing worse than having to miss a game when you are on the go during game time. Thanks to mobile TV, you may never have to miss watching a live game again!

In addition to being able to watch a game no matter where you are, with mobile TV you don’t have to worry about buffering since it doesn’t depend on an Internet connection. Mobile TV uses the same TV airwaves as the big screen in your house, so you can be in a stadium with tens of thousands of people and watch the game on your mobile TV for instant replays without buffering or dropped signals. In fact everyone could watch the same replay at once on mobile TV and there wouldn’t be a problem. The TV signal is always out there, just waiting on your mobile TV enabled device to receive it. Meanwhile, if you used your smartphone or tablet to stream video in a crowded stadium, you would likely run into buffering issues – online traffic jams – since – different devices are struggling to get the same signals at the same time.

But whether you choose to watch your favorite team on the go or gathered around your set in the comfort of your own home, rest assured America’s TV broadcasters will continue bringing you the great sports and shows you love, when and where you want it.

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