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Mobile TV Seminar Explores Opportunities for Broadcasters and Viewers

This week, the National Association of Broadcasters partnered with the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to host a seminar on recent developments in mobile TV.

Industry leaders discussed how viewers are using mobile TV in different markets and looked at the newest mobile TV device, developed by Dyle TV and Audiovox, available to consumers this holiday season.

Mobile TV is unique among mobile video offerings because it delivers signals to devices over the air, without onerous data streaming costs. Panelists emphasized its enormous potential benefit to the cost-conscious viewers who are adopting mobile TV as service expands across the country.

Click here to watch the archive of the event.

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The Latest Offerings from Mobile TV

More Americans are checking out mobile TV, the service provided by stations that offers viewers the opportunity to watch broadcast TV – local news, weather, sports and favorite broadcast shows – while on the go and with no data streaming charges.

This week, Dyle TV released a new mobile TV product. This new receiver allows for the delivery of Dyle signals to smartphones and tablets without a converter. Previously, viewers had to purchase a dongle to plug into their smartphone or tablet to watch broadcast TV on-the-go.

This new product is a handheld-sized box with an antennae, which picks up the mobile broadcast signal and wirelessly delivers the signal to a device via Dyle’s app. The app is available for free from the iTunes App store.

This is great news for viewers as this new feature will be released during broadcast TV’s popular fall season. Have you tried mobile TV yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

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Mobile TV is Put to the Test this Hurricane Season

Mobile TV has been highlighted heavily on The Future of TV Blog, and Dyle TV is one of the companies leading the way in this broadcast innovation. Not only does this technology bring viewers their favorite broadcast content wherever they are, it is also proving to be a useful tool for local radio and TV stations to deliver lifesaving information to their communities.

Last week, Dyle TV announced a partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters and Florida Association of Broadcasters in a pilot program designed to give first responders access to critical information during this year’s hurricane season. As part of this program, Florida’s State Emergency Response Team (SERT) were given mobile TV receivers before June 1 – the beginning of hurricane season.

During times of crisis, it’s extremely common for cell towers to go down, making local, over-the-air television and radio the only way people can receive lifesaving information. It is the hope that by making mobile TV receivers available to first informers, they will be able to share updates before, during and after a disaster immediately to consumers.

Miami’s local broadcast station, WFLX, covered this new program for their viewers; the clip can be viewed here.

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